Friday 29 November 2019

Not Got the Friday Feeling

I was going to write a lovely poetic post about frost today. I noticed how beautiful it gleamed on Red, and how bear complained that the door was frozen shut. I noticed how much more frost there was in Heckmondwike only eight miles away compared to our little street, and how much less on the country roads on the way back, which was a blessing as there is still a lot of standing water.

Then I got a notification from Scottish Power and lost all my ability to be relaxed and  poetic about nature. They have closed the complaint and said I need to speak to Domestic and General. However the second, phantom, unauthorised boiler care cover account could only have originated with Scottish Power. There is no explanation about why or how this happened and I am rather unimpressed. I am still trying to get hold of a human being to talk (politely) about this.

I am usually quite polite, though I am told I can get scary. It's not the poor person on the phone's mistake, though if I get through to the person who sent me the email, I may get sarcastic. I worry that I may be a little scarier than I think on the phone, as DH refused to be in the same house as me when I spoke to Sky, but at that time, around twenty years ago, they were being spectacularly incompetent and somewhat condescending (they refused to believe that a mere female could understand what a SCART lead was). There was also the issue with the broadband where we lost the internet everytime  the street light went on, and they didn't take us seriously (reaasonably enough, but we kept losing the internet and the street light's transformer blew up shortly after, so I suspect there was some sort of interference). They are a lot better now, and I try and be pleasant, regardless.

If it doesn't work, however, I may take up Eloise's suggestion about Ofgem. It's not about me getting snarky. It's about accounts being set up without authorisation.

In other news, I'm refusing to buy anything at all today, Black Friday be damned. We don't actually need anything at the moment, apart from some small bits for bear for Christmas and his birthday, and I am fed up of the hype. Bear is aware that he is only getting small bits, as he has already had his big present. I'm planning on going to a charity shop every day next week to see what I can pick up, particularly books and sheet music.

Hugs to all.

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  1. Sounds like you have been hijacked by aliens re:the street light incident and it is worrying - I think aliens are listening in through the one outside our window!
    I don't envy you the Scottish power phone call or wherever you end up.
    We once had to ring Santander on behalf of my mother in law who by this time was completely doo lally - we had power of attorney in place but they wanted us to put his mum on the phone so she could verify who we were despite them having our power of attorney lodged and on their files. We told them she wouldn't know the person on the end of the phone from Father Christmas and as well she was 90 miles away. We were passed around from department to department one Saturday morning and then told we needed the probate department - but she hasn't died we said - no that's Ok they said you still need to speak with probate. We spoke with probate and their first question was 'when did she die' - she hasn't we said - then you have come through to the wrong department they said - we will transfer you and they did back to the very first person we spoke to and so we went around for the second time and ended up again with probate!! We never did resolve it by phone we had to resort to a letter.
    Best of luck - you might as well spout poetry about frost to them - it might get you an answer.