Wednesday 20 November 2019

Sad Start to the Day

It was unnerving this morning. I was driving along, thinking that the mist was coming down, then thinking it was really coming down, then worrying that I was out of my depth. Visibility dropped to a few feet and I was putting on the sidelights and hazards to warn those behind me, and I was really concerned. I shouldn't have worried about me, as visibility cleared quite quickly as it wasn't mist, but a house that was on fire and the smoke was causing the problem. I got through without issue, but I haven't been able to forget about it. The smoke was awful and I just hope everyone got out alright. This was around 8am, so they would have perhaps been just getting up as the fire caught. It's quite a big house, so could have been a family affected. It was surrounded by scaffolding as I went past this afternoon. What a time to be caught up in such a disaster, coming up to Christmas and all the disruption.

I haven't been productive today, but I have almost done a gazillion things. I've moved a few bits here and there, shifted stuff around, remembered to open the window upstairs for a while to get the air moving and booked a man to sort out the gas fire. Otherwise, it's been something of a fail.

I dithered so much about shopping that I barely got the things in we needed, and I know I was walking around the same aisle again and again. I have been completely lacking in decision. I have also been more full of aches and pains than normal, and the painkillers are not agreeing with my digestion.

However I have paid for the Clubcard Plus, and tomorrow I plan to shop. I've made a list, and have hopes that I won't go too wildly off it. I should manage to make £40, picking up the tinned stuff and getting the chilled and frozen delivered. I've also made some notes about what I want to achieve tomorrow and the order in which I should try them. Perhaps that will get me nearer to getting things moving. I'll share any success tomorrow.

Hugs to all.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. Tomorrow is a new day! I reckon your horrible start to the day didn't help. I'm having trouble generally with direction. I am trying to do more lists as they seem to help otherwise I just end up doing nothing I was supposed to do!