Saturday 9 November 2019

My Car Has Views

Wherethejourneytakesme - I'm glad you got back okay.

I took Red, my car, in for a service today. I only got slightly lost and the man was lovely. There were two issues. I need to get my exhaust checked over as one of the bolts is working loose. The second issue was that she wouldn't open up. The button automatic unlock just didn't work for the lovely mechanic. He mentioned it not working as if he expected me to know. I was just blank, as I had used the button to lock it when I dropped it off. Red opened first try when I went to get in, and has since. She was just being awkward for the lovely mechanic. I'm getting a sense that Red is getting a personality. I feel like there are preferences in there. She seems to like shooting out of junctions, nipping in and out and zipping around. She doesn't like first gear. She wants to be off. I approve.

She is driving a lot better, though, and I had a little run after dinner as my cold was being extremely irritating and breathing wasn't fun. It was fun driving in the dark. I'm going to spend some time snuggling down for the rest of the evening.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, your car does seem to have developed a personality!

    Hope your knee is better, today.