Thursday 28 November 2019

Can the Weekend Hurry Up?

I know it's only Thursday, and I'm wishing my life away, but I am feeling very fed up. It's only a minor thing, but I'm achey, and my driving shoes have holes in so I have wet and cold feet.

Also, Scottish Power drive me to distraction. I have a bundle which is gas, electric and boiler cover, all rolled into one. Domestic and General do the paperwork for the boiler cover. Yesterday I got a voice mail asking me to make an appointment for a boiler service. As this would be the third one this year, I rang up to ask why, and if it was seriously necessary. Apparently another boiler cover account in addition to my original has just been opened up, and a payment taken. I have no explanation for why this has happened. I haven't spoken to Scottish Power (I've been avoiding that) and all the very nice people I've spoken to have been equally baffled. I spent most of the morning (while they were fixing the exhaust to the car) on hold trying to sort it out. They have very kindly told me that they will let me know on 3rd December. I'm still unimpressed.

I have had problems with this account every since I opened it. I have regularly talked to really lovely people who have been utterly baffled as they sorted out the wierd glitches that keep happening. I have decided that my account is haunted. As as valid as any other explanation that has been offered.

Also, the muffins that bear made are almost eaten up. Bear is planning on making some more tomorrow, and I approve. If he did this a lot at food tech, I would be more enthusiastic. Of course, I am still waiting for his muddy sports kit from not last Monday but the Monday before. I don't suppose that is going to change much.

On the bright side, I treated myself to something while buying presents, so I'm feeling wonderfully extravagant. Now I am going to settle down and hopefully have an early night.

Hugs to all.


  1. Can I suggest you send a full account of what has happened to Ofgem. I used to work in the industry and know that energy companies HATE Ofgem being involved!

  2. Hoping things get brighter soon and you feel a little better. I must admit that I'm doing some 'me' shopping while buying presents lol

  3. I hope you are able to sort out the account. It sounds very confusing to me, too. I'm glad you treated yourself to something while buying presents. I hope it was something lovely. :)

  4. Maybe one of the ghosts from your stories has crossed over into your real life!! Sounds like bear is being bear again - on the good side the mud should be so dry now it will just crack and fall off - no washing needed!

  5. My son was with Scottish Power for a short while but changed provider and said he would never touch them with a barge pole thereafter. He's a very calm person, like his father, so for him to make such a comment I found quite telling.