Monday 24 February 2020

Another Monday

I had a false alarm. When I woke up, the view from my window looked like this...

... and the snow kept coming as I got dressed, got bear fed, naff raffed around and generally avoided looking out of the window. I watched a YouTube video about how to drive in snow, and as the voice over talked about braking straight (in West Yorkshire!), the dashcam showed the approach to a junction - and a car that had slid off the road. I wasn't reassured. However, just as I had finished knocking all the snow off Red (on the right), bear got a text from his pal who said that their dad was taking them in. I was extremely relieved.

It wasn't bad, like some places have had it, and the snow soon turned to rain. When I went to collect bear, the roads were running with water as the snow was melting and the ground was still full of water, so the melt had nowhere to go. It is very unnerving driving next to what is normally a gutter but was now a small stream that was spilling out into the road. And we are nowhere near the worst affected areas. I know how lucky we are, and I was still planning a variety of routes to make sure that we would be okay. I will be glad when this stretch of weather ends.

I will eventually get around to taking a pic of the scarf I knitted up and finished this weekend. I finished a project!!! The blanket I'm trying to finish is too big for the car now so I've started the hats to send to charity that I'm doing in Lent. I broke open the 400g ball of aran and found that I had torn the pattern on the inside, which looked like a really intriguing wrap. I shall investigate the other ball bands later.

Writing stuff - this week's writing challenge is here

Hugs to all 


  1. Driving in snow. Use your gears to slow down not the brakes.

  2. I used to hate having to drive the kids in the snow. I think I'd be fine if it was just me on the roads, but people around here just seem to go crazy and if you are going slowly they get really impatient. I let hubby do the driving in the snow. Thankfully, as my kids grew up here, they are all comfortable driving in it. I'm okay if the coverage is minimal. We get a LOT of snow here so most of the winter is snow lol