Monday 17 February 2020


We have been so lucky here, but the weather is still getting me down. I drove out to take bear's blazer to the cleaners and the car rocked with the wind. As it was, the buttons on the blazer were loose so I brought it back and will take it in tomorrow after resewing the buttons.

The soup maker is going well. We've had three meals out of it so far. We had the butternut squash, chilli and coconut, that was a little spicy for me, followed by the chickpea and chorizo which bear didn't like and tonight we had blackbean and sweet potato, which I thought fell a little flat. Next time I think I will soften things before I set it off. DH thoroughly enjoyed it, though, and would like it again soon, please. We got the outdated model, which explains the inexpensive price, so we may have to soften or saute food before setting it off. It's still a help. Tomorrow we are having chocolate and orange soup for dessert. I'll share how that goes!

Writing stuff - this week's challenge here.

Hugs to all.

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