Saturday 8 February 2020

Nearly Not a Fail.

Wherethejourneytakesme - thanks for the heads up about the Music Festival. I'll keep an eye out. I've subscribed to a few of the local email newsletters, which will also help. The Mikado is being put on at Batley Town Hall at the end of April/beginning of May and it costs less than £20 for both bear and I! It would cost more for pizza for us.

I dived into Aldi again today and passed the temptation of the yarn

It's not a brilliant picture, as I was trying to avoid other shoppers, and it leaves a load out. And I walked past it afterwards! I didn't put any in my trolley. Unfortunately when I went around the corner there was another pile and I couldn't resist 1200g of royal blue chenille type yarn that was perfect for the pattern I wanted. And looking back, I should have picked up some of the aran as it would have been ideal for making hats to send off to the charity at £4.99 for 400g. As a bonus, the chenille type yarn had been marked down, so instead of the £4.99 for a pack of 4 100g balls, they rang up as £1.99 each, so I got 1200g of yarn for £5.97. It was a complete bargain! (also completely unnecessary at this time but we can skip past that)

I'm not happy with my driving yesterday. I couldn't get fast enough on the ring road. I had tried to avoid it when I put the route into the satnav, but I think bear chose the faster route which took me on the main roads. I was so stressed, and sometimes barely reaching 50 in a 60 zone at rush hour. I am painfully aware that this makes me a hazard, and I was struggling so much. I need to crack this. I will not be trying tomorrow, however as the weather forecast is for tough conditions and I'm sending good vibes for those in the most affected places, especially Jill.

Hugs to all. 

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  1. That was a bargain - you must show us a picture of the finished garment - blue chenille sounds lovely. I have just started another jumper for one of the grandchildren - whichever one it fits when it is done - I am such a slow knitter it may even be for one of their grandchildren lol!