Thursday 6 February 2020

Not Quiet

Wherethejourneytakesme - you had to say it, didn't you?

I dropped bear and pal off at school and headed to Tesco in a vague state of panic. I had just remembered that DH has some friends coming from abroad and I wanted to get some goodies for them as they are staying in an AirBnB. However I not feeling at my best as I am up against the clock on a few things, so while there is tea, coffee, biscuits and cake, I am hoping that they are the right sorts. Then I went to drop off my brother's laptop. He wasn't there. I had arranged to call in, but the email letting me know that things had changed had gone to my spam folder. It isn't a huge amount out of my way, but I tried to find a different way back and only just kept on course. I managed to get some bits done before DH came home at lunchtime and we hung out together for the first time in a few weeks then I went and picked up bear and pal.

I needed to get sandwich makings, and didn't dare when I was waiting for the kids as I only just got there in time and I didn't want to miss them, so I called in at the Co-op on the way back and did an amazing feat of parking - accidentally of course! I managed to reverse park into a spot quite nicely, but only just worked out the distance and stopped literally two inches from the building behind. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes! And of course it was on a slope so I had to nail the hill start when I left, but I do so many hill starts at traffic lights and such that it wasn't really an issue.

After I dropped bear's pal off, we got home and had a bite to eat before heading out. DH let me drive (bless him), and I know the short cuts, but we got bogged down in traffic and were a few minutes late for bear's options evening.

For those not familiar with the English system, all kids are supposed to sit their exams (tests) called GCSEs at 16. The results of these influence whether you go on to do that subject further, and are the things that you show employers for your first jobs. If all goes according to plan, bear should sit 10 GCSEs, which is quite a workload, but possible. This evening was to help chose the subjects he wanted to do for GCSE, and he has four to choose in addition to the compulsory English Lit, English Language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It looks like he is going to get his choices, but we will see. The teachers seemed pleased with him, which was very nice to hear.

Then we came home and I managed to show DH a different route from the one he knows because I have been driving these routes for nearly a year and have a low boredom threshold and get lost a lot. This means I know a lot of different ways between home and bear's school and all the different shops along the way.

And now I am going to collapse into bed as tomorrow is looking complicated as well.

Hugs to all.


  1. I like getting lost - you find really exciting places you never knew were there. I remember way back to my choices - I only wanted to do art, sewing and cooking but was only allowed one of these and was forced to take Geography. I would be quite interested in it now but all I remember from all those lessons was the project I did on the cocoa bean! It hasn't helped me much other than given me a love of chocolate! x

  2. Just reading this post has my head spinning, I hope everything calms down for you.

  3. Sounds like a busy day! Good on the parking job. I don't think I could have done that. Luckily where I am parking is pretty easy. I try to find all the good spots where I can just pull through so I can pull right out. I don't mind backing up out of a spot - just have to watch that people don't speed and hit you lol.

    I'm glad Bear got the classes he wanted. I hated the choices I was given. When I was at school they split you up into 2 lots - those they thought would go on to higher education and those they thought wouldn't. I got put with the lot they thought would go on (and I did) but the more practical classes where in the other stream. There were some I wanted that I couldn't get.

    Hope you have a good weekend!