Saturday 22 February 2020

Not a Bad Day

I decided I needed a drive out to stretch my wheels. It wasn't the most sensible decision I've ever made, as the car was wobbling as I drove as the wind was so strong and I went past a lot of water running down the sides of the roads and off the hills. I even had what seemed like a small stream running over the road. Unfortunately, I only realised when the car in front kicked up a lot of spray and I was going 50mph so I didn't have much chance to approach with caution. I was fine. I may or may not have shouted 'Geronimo', I am making no comment.

I still can't work out why, when I have no issues going out in unpleasant weather, when I'll head up random roads and try new places, why am I still so scared of motorways? I went to two farm shops today. The first had an extremely narrow entrance and exit and while it's a good thing that my dash cam doesn't record sound as I used some harsh words, I was fine. I made some mistakes, didn't ding the car and generally was okay. I wouldn't have a problem going there again, or tackling the awkward turns, or steep hills, or the weird junction. The thought of a motorway, however, is incredibly daunting.

I wasn't taken with the first farm shop which was very arty with lots of jars of olives and fancy bits. I always find these places a little overpriced. The second was what I think of as a working farm shop, with concrete floors, local veg, discount tins of peas, and meat that look like it's from a proper butcher. That and a range of pies and tarts that don't look like supermarket pies but are old fashioned and homely. I picked up some gooseberry jam as I don't see that very often, and my grandmother used to make it a lot.

I wish I had know about this place a few years ago. It's not very far from us, it's on a bus route (and actually very near a route to bear's school) and there is a play barn and a little playground. There is also an emu. I didn't get good photos, and will try again later, but here you are.

I kept a safe distance, as I was fairly sure it was an emu (I've seen ostriches on local farms as well, but not near here) and I know about the Emu War.

I'll probably nip in more regularly now as it is only a few hundred yards out of my way if I go a particular route, and the veg looked really good.

Tonight I tried the gluten free meatloaf but with beef mince rather than turkey. It was okay. The men enjoyed it, but I wasn't so sure. Next time I may add curry powder and mango chutney.

This afternoon and evening we hung out watching YouTube videos and chilling. It was a lovely, calm, gentle time where we chatted, connected and relaxed. We plan to do that again tomorrow.

Hugs to all.

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  1. Regarding motorway driving I have been told that it is safer to drive on a motorway because all the traffic is going the same way. Evidently most accidents occur within 4 miles of home because we relax then. I think you are doing very well.