Wednesday 26 February 2020

Not as Planned

I dropped bear off at school, dived down to Tesco, filled up with petrol and realised that I didn't have my house keys on me. Bear had taken them with him into school. I may have used harsh language. I hadn't got my knitting on me, but I did have a circular needle, so I decided that I was going to relax, picked up some inexpensive yarn from Aldi and started a blanket while sat in a park until it was time to pick bear up.

There was a really sad accident in the centre of Heckmondwike, which involved a lot of police cars and ambulances. The main issue was the poor lady who was badly hurt. As a minor aside, I had some interesting three point turns to make, backed into a hedge (red is, against all odds, undamaged) and had to make a massive detour to get bear home which took more time than expected. So we rang a taxi while dragging everything together for the hospital and got to reception with (no exaggeration) four minutes to spare. The appointment went well, but it was too long to be worth taking bear back to school as we wouldn't get there before the end of the school day.

I drove us to the parents' evening, where bear got a very good report. All the teachers said that he had a great attitude to learning. That is better than good scores at this stage of the game (and he had a few), in my opinion. Sadly there was discussion about the exams that will be in three years time. The pressure won't let up now for years.

Wherethejourneytakesme - I've got rid of my P plates now, so you just have to keep an eye out for a purple Citroen either in the wrong lane, the wrong gear or both, and yes, there is so much water around. I was taught it was okay to shift from fourth to second, which has been a real help in the approach to some roundabouts.

Sharon - I haven't been tested properly with snow yet, and I'm really hoping that it will be okay. Fortunately all the roads I am likely to take are gritted and well travelled, so keeping fingers crossed. I think half the problem is that we are so unused to snow that we never know how to treat it here.

Hugs to all.


  1. Glad all went well with the appointment. Great news about Bear's report. He sounds like a great young man (that makes me sound really old lol).

    I think you're right above the snow driving. I know that down south in America if they even get an inch everything is closed down. Here it's an expected thing so most people know something about driving in it. I just think sometimes they forget or think that, because they have a all wheel or four wheel drive that driving carefully doesn't apply to them.

    Maybe one day I'll be more comfortable with driving in more than a little, but the anxiety I feel just isn't worth it sometimes.

  2. We may one day meet each other somewhere around Ikea and we will be the ones eating sandwiches and soup from a flask and we will both no doubt be in the wrong lane even if in the right gear - I don't believe there is a right lane to be in at Ikea - I have not discovered it yet!!
    PS Well done bear.