Friday 21 February 2020

Made it to Friday

Bear had a hospital appointment this morning. We were ridiculously early, but they saw us which meant we were out before we were supposed to go in. It all went well, and a follow up was booked. Bear was awesome, but he is still bored. His pal came round today, and I left them to it when I took some rubbish to the tip. He's doing okay and had some homemade soup for dinner. It looks like that is a meal that will keep being a winner.

I messed up on the complicated roundabout. I used a different approach, became bewildered, was rudely cut off and ended up headed towards Bradford before I knew what was happening, and no-one drives in Bradford if they can help it. I managed to get back in track, and I'll have another go next time I'm heading that way.

I've been naffraffing about shawls and old style knitting and for all those knitters out there who are adventurous and like a free pattern, here are some books on Project Gutenberg with really old knitting patterns and instructions - Project Gutenberg. It's a place that is worth a browse as it is full of free books that are out of copyright. It may not have the latest thriller, and some of the history and social commentary may not be appropriate for today's views, but there are books by authors like Jules Verne and Mark Twain, shelves on mythology and crafts and even forestry. I think I will be having a browse this evening.

Hugs to all.

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  1. I went to Bradford once for a football match. I'm sure some people must want to go there otherwise it would be empty!