Tuesday 18 February 2020

Soup Fail

I tried making the chocolate soup as described on the site. You add in 200ml double cream, 200ml milk, 200g milk chocolate, 300g of dark chocolate, 600ml water and the juice of 2 oranges. It broke the maker. There was a smell of burning and now it refuses to turn on again.

We finished it off in the microwave, and, to be honest, I left bear and DH to it. I think the chocolate sunk to the bottom and caked onto the element. Darn.

DH has requested, though, that if this one is completely burned out and unsalvageable then we get a replacement. The soups have definitely been a success. I will have a think, because I'm not holding out much hope of resurrecting this particular maker. It is definitely a lot easier than a pan and a blender, but the maker does cost a lot, especially if I have to pay full price for one.

Bear is also keen on keeping the soup maker, but was distracted today as he went into town without me but with one of his pals. This friend is a little older, so I wasn't so stressed, and they were fine - of course. I think it's a little while before I'm comfortable with bear going by himself, but he's getting older and it doesn't help him if he doesn't get chances to be independent.

I shall go away and rethink what I shall be cooking tomorrow. I may have another go at the meatloaf, as that went well.

Writing stuff - my response to this week's writing challenge is here.

Hugs to all.

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  1. Is the soup maker still under guarantee? We had a blender that cracked (Russell Hobbs) almost before the 2 year guarantee expired but not quite so we were sent a replacement, the replacement had a different fault and had to go back too. They sent another far so good and it hasn't affected the taste of the soup!