Tuesday 25 February 2020

Trudging through Tuesday

Today I turned correctly into a one-way street and saw a red car coming straight at me. This bewildered me as it is a route I take a lot, past Aldi, and it's quite hard to go the wrong way down this particular one way street, but after my experience in Brighouse (I admit nothing), I have every sympathy. They got into the right part of the road and all was well.

I am really just passing through. Bear had his drama group which meant that we didn't get home until 6.30pm, around two and a half hours later than normal. It meant I got some knitting done in the car while waiting, until it got too dark, but I would rather have been at home. We had some uninspired ready made pancakes from Morrisons. I may have another go next week.

It will be next week as tomorrow is parents' evening, a friend of DH is visiting Thursday to Monday with associated separate dinners and upheaval to routine and then next Tuesday and probably Wednesday is also drama club with associated late nights and scratch dinners. Hopefully I will remember next week and have healthy, home made stuff ready.

I'm trying to work out the best plan of action for tomorrow. I will be taking the kids into school and dropping them off by 8.00. I need to fill up with petrol and then could do with going home, sticking in a load of washing, having a quick clear around and then out to the tip and on to pick up bear by 11.30am at the latest for his (not serious) hospital appointment. It isn't until 1pm, but I need to allow for traffic and to get bear into the hospital by public transport (parking is horrific and bear can't walk far) and then find the correct department. Then, if we are not too late out, I take bear back to school, then pick him up for around 3.30pm and drive for around thirty minutes to home where we catch our breath and dive out again around 6pm to get to parents evening for 6.45pm. I may even need to leave a little earlier as we will be in the middle of rush hour traffic. The lovely, lovely student support manager has said that if we are likely to be late away from the hospital then we can just come back for parents' evening. I'll let you know how I get on with that.

I am feeling very sleepy and I wonder if there is snow on the way that has been missed in the forecast or whether I'm just tired. If it is snow, I shall follow everyone's advice. Jill - I've got into the habit of using gears to reduce speed in a few places on my usual routes, as it seems to give a better drive, especially going down a hill. I think I subconsciously picked up a few habits from father who did a lot of things which are considered old fashioned now, but seem to make sense in tough conditions. I shall try and make it a more conscious thing.

Writing stuff - my reply to this week's writing challenge is here.

Hugs to all.

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  1. Looked out for you today as we were over Leeds way - didn't spot you though! I got into the habit of dropping two gears at a time like fourth to second and works quite well - picked it up from DH. Motorways round Leeds were a magnificent spray of water. x
    PS Hope you did well at parents evening!