Monday 3 February 2020

I Didn't Buy It!

I called in at Aldi today and there was a huge pile of yarn of all sorts. I was looking at the fluffy yarn, but the Aran looked like great value and there was a ton of chenille type stuff and some really fine yarn that I suppose is sock yarn. It was all at Aldi's prices, so £4.99 for 400g of Aran yarn. It's only acrylic, but that serves many purposes. The online link is here for those interested. There is lots of lovely craft stuff, all very tempting, but it's not a permanent stock thing, it's one of those 'when its gone, its gone' marketing ploys to make you rush in to buying just in case, but the yarn does keep turning up on a regular basis.

I didn't buy any.

To be fair, I did put some in my trolley, but I put it back. This was particularly hard as I finally found a pattern for a sweater/wrap that I bought around 1990, wore to shreds and have never been able to replace. It needs chunky yarn that is listed as being for 6mm needles, and I managed to not find any in all the Aldi goodies, although some came close. I shall celebrate my restraint by pushing on with the blanket that I need to get finished for Friday.

(I may also do some browsing for the perfect yarn for the sweater in question)

Writing stuff - This week's writing challenge is here.

Hugs to all.


  1. Good for you! I must admit that I have done that recently too. There was a really good sale at the craft shop. I picked up several things but ended up talking myself out of buying any!

  2. Good for you for resisting the yarn! :D I'm not allowed to buy any, either, until I finish what I have!