Wednesday 14 October 2020

Bewildered As Normal

Fifitr - I find a lot of groceries on Amazon are cheaper in the supermarkets, and I usually stick to just getting things like vitamins and tissues that I would sometimes run out of or hard to find stuff. I used to get toilet roll from there and I may go back. I never thought of rinsing off the beans. I may try that. I'm being careful about Christmas stuff, as you are right. One bad day is all it takes to make a dent if I need a treat.

I booked a slot at the tip. It was empty when I got there, so I didn't feel so guilty. I only had a few bits, but they included four demijohns that I had found at the back of the cupboard. They hadn't been touched in twenty years! There is a sort of shed where you can put things that others may find useful, so I left them there. 

Writing - lots of writing stuff. Today I have shared and gone over an amazing review from Alison DeLuca at Girl Who Reads here, which was about Out of the London Mist and I also finished off the main edits for Under the Bright Sahara Sky, which has a somewhat different feel, and wrote a new short story for the October Frights tomorrow (today's new story is here). I've also written a few paragraphs for the medieval fantasy that is due in a few days and I'll be going back to that now. My brain is whimpering. 

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  1. Sounds like you are doing well, balancing everything. I find that ordering groceries online from Amazon or the grocery stores that offer curbside pick up tends to be more expensive than when I used to shop in person at the ethnic stores or buy that week's specials, only. But, since I am not shopping in person, anymore, for health reasons, I pay the higher prices and know I am blessed to be able to afford to do so.