Tuesday 13 October 2020

Doing Sums

I used my Lidl app again today. I didn't spend too much and got 74p back in savings from the coupons with the card and a scratchcard win of 25p off my next shop. I'm still not entirely convinced. However they do have the good lebkuchen and I bought a load to stash for Christmas.

I did a 'Big Shop' in Tesco. If you have their Clubcard Plus then you get 10% of two shops per month. Today I bought a pan to replace the one I burnt (which I hated) and about a month's worth of frozen breaded chicken, frozen diced chicken and frozen chicken breasts along with a very posh Advent calendar and some fancy nuts that were on a deal, together with the usual groceries. Tesco are doing a deal where they have certain items at a discount if you have a Tesco Clubcard. This included the fancy nuts. I didn't get too many, though. I'm not sure how long they will stay reduced, but I don't feel like going overboard on them so far from Christmas. I did go a little wild on the stock cubes. The reduced salt vegetable stock cubes, which are incidentally gluten free, were 40p for ten instead of 50p and marked 'reduced to clear'. I'm always using vegetable stock cubes, and I like the reduced salt ones so I decided to stock up in case they were going to vanish. They expire in December 2021, so I'm not worried about them going to waste. It's soup weather, and I can use two or three a week.

With the discounts on the Clubcard and the 10% off, I saved just under £13 (though I still spent a fortune). I'm sure I can do better.

Tonight, after buying all that chicken, we had baked potatoes and beans. I signed up for Heinz at Home, which is direct from Heinz and you can get beans and stuff. If you subscribe then you get free postage. It isn't the best ever price that you get on beans, but it isn't bad, and DH only likes Heinz. I was worried that we wouldn't get through them quick enough. I signed up for a tray of 24 tins of beans every 8 weeks, the longest interval allowed. I thought I would have to make excuses to use them and be careful to use at least three tins every week. Over the last week, with meals and quick lunches, I've used six tins. I think I'll be fine. 

Writing stuff - today's contribution to October Frights is here

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. I use a lot of beans too, often rinsed off to add to soups and stews, or in baked potatoes and although 24 cans sounds a lot, it's only 3 cans a week. That said, I'm too mean to buy Heinz and we honestly can't tell the difference. I wish more of the products I use a lot did home subscriptions. Sometimes I luck out on Amazon but for most things buying in bulk is actually more expensive than at the supermarket. I'm trying to resist stocking up for Christmas at the mo, as some of it may not make it all the way to the 25th Dec if I buy too early. Evening munchies may make items disappear!