Saturday 10 October 2020

Sort of Okay

I didn't manage to follow the plan very well today. I've not done well all week. And today I didn't even do the dishes. Mind you, it's been an odd sort of day.

DH is going to the tip tomorrow and we are trying to clear stuff out. I think we all feel the need to have an emptier house. I'm embarrassed to admit that DH and bear feel it a lot more. Bear put a bird feeder together this morning so that the packaging can go to the tip, and I dragged out boxes and rubbish from all over the house. DH really wanted a full car. 

Bear also started clearing through his books and we had a pile around two foot deep covering his bed. Charity shops aren't accepting stuff near me, and it would take me years to eBay it. DH is going to check out the book bank at the tip. I'm trying to think of other places that may like the donations. 

I thought I would have a dig in a corner cupboard in my room that was hidden by a pile of stuff because I thought there were old sheets in there and I might as well get rid of them. That's when I found a leak in the pipe. I may have said some rude words. 

It hasn't been going for long. The carpet near it is dry, and there isn't any mold on the walls near it. There were a few very damp sheets, which I binned, so it could be worse. When the boiler was installed, over ten years ago, a thingy was installed that was supposed to keep the gunk out of the pipes. I think it may have sprung the leak when I repressurised the boiler. It's going to have to be a plumber.

It may be a while before we can get hold of a plumber, so we all went to B&Q for leak stop. It's been months since we were all out of the house at the same time, so it felt a little odd. I drove as DH's car was filled to the brim. I'm going to have to clear out my room which is overdue, but I could do without doing it this week. I have realised how much yarn I have now, and I need to get knitting.

Writing stuff - Day one of the October Frights blog hop. My first contribution is here, and at the end there is a list of other blogs taking part, together with a link to the giveaway of stories on Story Origin which does not include me as I didn't get my act together. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. the luxury of a tip visit , we are still having to book appointments , can only take one waste type cant take a van or trailer . Ad that to the fact its a 30 mile round trip and neither of us can lift anything and they are not allowed to help ..ggrrrrr