Wednesday 7 October 2020

Not a Fail

Not much housewifery got done today, but I'm not taking it as a fail. 

First thing this morning we had a phone appointment with someone medical for bear. It wasn't serious, but was at a tricky time, so I drove to Heckmondwike, had the conference in a car park and then chucked bear into school reception after about an hour of discussion. Then I called into Tesco for an afternoon snack for bear (which he later refused) and while I was there got another phone call from one of bear's medical thingies. I still remembered the washing up gloves, so I'm taking that as a result.

By the time I got home I felt somewhere in the region of terminally bewildered. I still managed a few hundred words, though, so that's something, and I chased up a few more bits and pieces.

I picked up bear, then got home, booked a flu jab and was settling down to work and I heard a massive buzzing. A bee had flown into the window where she had got stuck. I spent the next twenty minutes on edge and hoping that she would see the HUGE gap where I had the window wide open. Their eyes can see a massive range of colours and have an amazing field of vision but they still can't see the dratted fresh air! I was so desperate, I was even considering squashing her, and I hate hurting bees, but I managed to coax her out.

I did an easy dinner and now I am back at my laptop. I'm against the clock on a deadline for a medieval fantasy, I'm begging for reviews for Out of the London Mist and I'm working with the Three Furies editing the sequel set in Sudan. Also, I need to up my horror game and get set up with some new stuff.

Writing stuff - Today's post is another old favourite of min - 'Just in Case'. And don't forget, in three days time there will be the October Frights Blog Hop. 

Hugs and good health to all.

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  1. Sounds like a good day! Good luck with the deadline.