Friday 23 October 2020

End of the Week

 Sharon - thank you for your faith. I wish I shared it.

I'm still writing away, with some interruptions. I had a delivery from DeliFresh. I got a few bits and included some purple pototoes and some multicoloured carrots. I'll come back and let you know how I go on.

I set up most of the October posts in advance, and I'm very glad I did. Today's story is here.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hi Syb, I read that the V&A has put some 1940s sewing patterns online. Thought it might be of interest

  2. Hi, just wanted to check you are ok

  3. Syb, are you OK? It's not lijke you to go this long withour blogging. Hxx

  4. Hi, is everything ok, missing you blogging, hope you are all ok Helen

  5. Hi SYb, I hope you are OK, I'm guessing you're either unwell or trying to meet a deadline. I hpe it's the latter. If it's the former, hugs to you and I hope you recover quickly xxx

  6. I hope all is well with you. Take care!