Sunday 4 October 2020

Changing Direction

I write about what I'm doing or what I'm thinking on this blog. If I'm doing a lot of knitting, then knitting pops up on these pages. If I am doing a lot of writing, then writing it is. When you read about 'How to Blog' and 'How to Make Money Blogging', it's always about writing what you know and having a defined brand. I've failed at that for years. I have the attention span of a kitten in a feather factory, and I'm afraid my posts reflect that.

Normally, when I post that I am going to do something, the next post contains a few paragraphs about why I couldn't and what happened. But today I'm taking a risk, making plans on here, in the open. I'm feeling fairly determined, though, so wish me luck.The week just past was a fail in housewifery, and so I'm starting again tomorrow. I thought I had better warn you. There may be long monologues about cleaning products.

Years ago, I had a lever arch file and I wrote everything down. I mean, everything. What I spent (too much on yarn), what I did, what I needed to do and when to do things. At the time, I was severely depressed and barely able to function. Writing things down was a lifeline. I'd even break a phone call into separate steps (1. Find number 2. Pick up phone. 3. Find pen & paper. 4. Dial number...). I was in a very bad place. I've decided to try that method again, as it can't hurt even if I'm not in quite so dark a space. I'm buying a new file as the old one is falling to pieces. Also, let's be honest, I like shopping and it's an excuse.

First of all, I'm using the ideas of the Secret Slob, but playing around with them a little. I have a long checklist of things I need to try and fit into the day. I won't fit them all in, but that's okay. I'll just do my best. Second, I've got a separate diary and shopping list (as I showed in poor photographs a few weeks ago). Third, I've a list of things I should really get around to, but I can just add to when they occur to me and I can cross off when I've done them. It's a sort of rolling to-do list but I'm trying to avoid the guilt trip.

I'm not posting 'before' pics, because I'm too ashamed. Besides, the 'before' pics in the 'how to clean' blogs always look a little staged and are something like my home on a good day. I may post 'after' pics, depending on how things go. I doubt that it will be a 'I decided to do good cleaning and now, without any hiccups or issues, my house is clean' type post. I'm just promising myself that I will try and that I will post on here to keep myself honest. 

Also, I will try and find the story in things, the fun and the humour, because that's the best bit of life. 

Today has been a good day. We hung out and watched Shaun of the Dead and it was a wonderfully relaxing afternoon. We had the soups for dinner and icecream. I'm going to aim for home made soups from now on, at least until Christmas. I intend to get a few Aldi soups in over the Christmas holidays for easy dinners.

Writing stuff - I got a really great review from Red Haircrow Review. I felt quite nervous approaching them about a review as they are very educated and deal with difficult subjects and content. They have been awesome, however, and really kind. 

As it is October, here is a story on my blog that I've posted before, but I think it is still a good read. 

And brace yourselves for more. October Frights Blog Hop is coming up and not only will I be posting some old and new stories, but there will be a lot of spooky stuff going on. I'll link it here and on my writing blog.

Hugs and good health to all.

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