Thursday 8 October 2020

Not a Win

 Sharon - thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I really appreciate it!

I got three hours sleep last night, so I decided that I would just do my best and take what I could as a win. Also, deadlines continuing. 

I got a few little bits done, and I managed quite a chunk of writing. Bear assembled a light before school (it was delivered yesterday) and I remembered to get the right bulbs and the crumpets due to shopping notebook, so that was a win. I also dug out a diary and grabbed a bag.

I shouldn't have bought the bag. It was 60p in Tesco and I have absolutely no need for it. I have dozens of bags for life. I just couldn't resist the design. So here is what I am calling my survival pack. 

Ignore the curtains at the back. That was father's choice and I need to get a new rail before I get new curtains.

This is the folder with all the lists on. I'm looking for a sturdier file, though.

Here is the trusty shopping notebook, which hopefully will follow me around.

And this is a sort of diary. I got it from Wish, and it was relatively inexpensive. Inside you get a few pages for notes and lists and lots of double page spreads for weeks.

You fill in the month and date yourself.

It has a little box where it has the numbers 1-12 and I've circled 10 as we are in the tenth month, then you put in the dates next to the days of the weeks. I plan to keep a record of all sorts of stuff and I may use highlighters to code for medical, deadlines, appointments etc (my writing is appalling and I'll be adding more details now I've taken the pic)

It has month sections for overviews and blank pages for jottings and I hope to make it all work.

I'll add a pencil case with some pens and highlighters in, and that should help a lot.

Writing stuff - Today's post is here, and I took the pic myself a while ago.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I must admit I have a thing for bags too! Not expensive handbags (thank goodness) but bags for life. I can't resist a catchy design. One called to me the other day while I was at the craft shop - it was a woodland design, cute little one I thought I could keep crafty projects in. I suppose things could be worse and I could like the expensive ones!

  2. Love the Tesco day of the dead design... I may have to add to the huge collection of bags for life I own! I am terrible at remembering to take them when I go shopping. The fill in the dates diary sounds like a great idea, and you shouldn't lose your shopping notebook easily. I should def get some notebooks that aren't just black. I used to get a lot given away as promotional tools and most companies seem to go with black or maybe navy if they're feeling frisky! I feel honour bound to use them up first, somehow, but looking at the stack I may still be saying that at 80.