Friday 2 October 2020

The End of the Week

 My internal workings are not playing nicely. I skipped most of my shopping today and instead spent a lot of time in supermarket toilets. I'll be glad when it settles down. This meant that today was spent grumbling and not very productively. 

I was on edge all the time I was waiting for bear, and I think that the dratted yarn is making my hands itch. They are both getting sore. 

Otherwise it could be a lot worse. Bear is currently being incredibly organised with his schoolwork. I am watching from a safe distance as it seems to involve a lot of things like making flash cards and filling lever arch files. This evening he was watching something about mathematics and Kepler, which he seemed to be enjoying but made absolutely no sense to me. I don't know whether it was physics or maths homework, but it was head and shoulders against the rather limp slideshows we had when I was at school.

Writing stuff - Day Two of October, and I've written a short story which is here. I think Kitler is a great name for a cat.


  1. I hope your tummy settles, soon. Lovely photo of a cat!

  2. I hope the tummy troubles end soon. Glad Bear is settling in.

    I love the cat name!