Saturday 17 October 2020

We Was Robbed!

I realised in the nick of time that I could watch the Liverpool v Everton match today live! For those who don't follow soccer, it's the match between two neighbouring teams, literally a few streets apart, who are both incredibly skilled, have long, illustrious histories and both have very passionate supporters, often in the same household. It is often the sort of match which can legitimately be described as 'well fought'. As you may be aware, I support Liverpool. I missed the first goal because I was fetching my knitting as the game was just starting and I missed the injury to Big Virgil as I was checking the pattern. The match was a 2-2 draw and I would argue that it should have been a slightly different scoreline. I guess that strenuous arguments are continuing all over Merseyside as I type. 

I can see me getting back into the swing of watching football, or soccer. I used to be a real fan, but that was years ago. But I always enjoyed it, even if we were robbed, and it's a great chance to crack on with knitting.

It's been a TV sort of day. I watched the first Strictly Come Dancing and I think it will be fun. Bill Bailey has every sign of being hilarious. I hope he stays in for a while. I was a lot happier about Strictly than I was about the football.

Still, between them I got quite a bit of knitting done.

Writing stuff - today's story is here. After a comment made by Hazel, I pulled together all the stories about Kane onto one page here. All I can say is that I am better at writing stories than working out how to add a page to the menu line up. It took me about forty minutes! I'm a little challenged when it comes to anything like that. But it was nice for me to re-read all the Kane stories, and I have an idea for a novel that covers him, but I don't know when I'll write it. 

Hugs and good vibes to all. 

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