Tuesday 20 October 2020


It's a funny time. Bear needs a decent chair for his room. We're reluctantly allowing him to take the elderly laptop to his room so he can use the desk in there for his homework. We're trusting him to put it away at a proper time (and it is rather useless for anything except homework). The current chair is grim. I can sit on it for a maximum of thirty seconds. Bear requested a replacement.

I agreed and decided to call in on IKEA with him on the way home from school. It was busier than I would have expected, but we dashed around at our top speed and failed. They were sold out of office chairs. We decided that we would like the Millberget at £65 but it was completely sold out. I checked on Amazon and it was for sale for £174. I decided not to get it from Amazon.

With so many people working from home, and the supply chains being disrupted, I'm not surprised that it's hard to get an office chair. I shall have to have a scout around and keep my eyes open.

When I was waiting for bear, the autumn leaves were falling like snow. Most of the supermarket carpark where I wait is bleak and barren concrete, but there is a corner that is near a beck or stream, and that has a few trees around for shade. I took the picture today, and it shows that autumn has really set in.

There are plenty of leaves still green, but the corner was full of fallen leaves and it looked lovely in the sunlight (which I totally failed to catch in the photo).

Writing stuff - today's story is here.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I bet home office furniture has been a big seller this year! Hopefully they'll get some more in.

  2. Sorry you didn't get the chair you wanted. I hadn't thought but home office furniture will be one of the things everyone wants at the mo. I wonder if any of the office supply companies might sell you one? It must be very frustrating (and uncomfortable, by the sounds of it) for Bear.

    I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea. I really like some of their design and I have a whole load of Ikea furniture in my current home and have installed several Ikea kitchens in the past. But they are a challenge to buy from. What is and isn't available online is a bit random, their online design services for kitchens, wardrobes and storage systems is incredibly slow and returns take ages. Stores are few and far between and very busy (especially around lunchtime and just after school finishes, as there seems to be a raft of people who go just for the food). But still I am drawn back by the prices and the design principles.

    There used to be a page on their individual store websites that showed you when the quietest times were near you. For me it used to be Wednesday night after 8pm! Now I'm too far away to visit in person. But that doesn't help you if they simply don't have what you want. They might have it online but then you have to pay £39 delivery, so it's not very cost effective unless you want a load of stuff, is it? And it's probably small comfort to tell you the Ikea office chair I'm sitting on as I type is incredibly comfortable...! Good luck with your search.