Friday 9 October 2020

Not Bad

I confess to not particularly following the plan, but it's been an okay sort of day.

Jean - it is a pretty awesome bag and lovely and sturdy

Sharon - I'm sort of a cheap date. I don't go for things like fancy bags and shoes, but I am a complete sucker for a bargain.

Fifitr - I'm trying to make carrying the bags back to the car part of my routine, because if I don't, I'll end up with even more and there's a mountain of them already! I can't resist good bags for life, and Tesco have great ones. As for notebooks, I have stacks around. I'm always noting down bits, like rows for knitting, word counts, etc. I don't expect the shopping list book to last long. I am about to suggest something naughty. Donate unused notebooks that you don't fancy using and get something brighter. There are some lovely ones around, but they are not inexpensive. There are some cute ones in supermarkets these days and I've mostly resisted, but, if you are watching the pennies, do not check out Peter Pauper notebooks. I think that they are an American company, but they sell over here through Amazon and their notebooks are stunning! Also, not cheap. Not at all! I haven't found an excuse for another one yet, but I will.

I've may not have stuck to the plan, but I've been busy. I've finally done the complex calculations for bear's school photos. Biggish one for the main room (if bear permits), slightly smaller ones for DH and I to have on our desks, then enough of the 'reasonably big but not too big' for family and friends. It was a complicated calculation as the different packages didn't cover everything and I had to go down to the small print.

I also spent some time re-pressurising the boiler. It's a task that's slipped from my mind over the last few years. The DH realised that his room wasn't heating up as it should as his radiator, on the top floor, was almost entirely air and so was the radiator in the junk room! After I've finished this post, I'm going to start a sheet with monthly tasks on, that don't really fit in a day but should be done intermittently, like bleed the radiators. 

Then there was a tyre issue. I suspect that there is a slow leak going on. Once again I was driving along when a tyre pressure warning came on - and I hadn't hit anything or had a jolt. There was nothing I could see in the tyres, but the rear tyre on the driver's side felt off when I was driving. I asked the Citroen garage who recommended a tyre place that was a tricky drive. It was foul to turn into, with a tiny opening and nowhere to park and lots of men hanging around looking busy. Bless them, one of them parked red for me, because I couldn't, and they had a little check. One of the tyres, the rear tyre on the driver's side, was a little below pressure, and they added a squirt of air and wouldn't take money. I think that it is likely to happen again, and I should be able to work out how to put air in at the petrol station, if I have the courage to try.

Writing stuff - today's story is here. And don't forget - tomorrow is the start of October Frights and I'll be linking to all the other blogs taking part in my posts from 10th to 15th October. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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