Monday 19 October 2020


Jean - I know we got a great fruit & veg box from a sandwich shop that normally provides sandwiches to the city centre. I'm all for it if it keeps businesses going, and the food is so much better quality than the supermarkets.

Eloise - I've found Marriner's stuff lovely to knit up and it's a great price.

Bless - today was 57F. I love seeing the differences around the world. 

To be honest, I don't know what is or isn't conventional these days. I'm very boring, I'll admit to that. I have dull clothes and don't bother with hair or makeup. Bear thinks that I'm very conventional. I am not entirely sure that he is right about that. I certainly don't follow the same hobbies and interests as the other women on the street, but it's a wide world out there. I think it's actually wonderful that you have to ask what 'conventional' means. When I was a girl that ruled out LGBTQ and living together before marriage and doing laundry on a Sunday. It's much easier to live now, though a little harder to rebel. 

Still, it felt wonderfully subversive sitting and knitting outside the very masculine garage as they tried to sort out my tyres. Apparently they can't find any reason for the lack of tyre pressure which only seems to manifest on the same stretch of the A58. I think it comes under the same heading as my gear stick which the garage can't find fault with but irregularly refuses to get into reverse, usually in Tesco car park. I wonder if I'm driving over cursed spots. Even though knitting in a 'masculine' space (though women are getting into garages and workshops as well) feels rebellious, it really isn't unconventional as so many men are showing off their knitting skills these days (which is awesome). All I know is that my brother has researched our family tree for over two hundred years and hasn't yet found one that was bothered about what the neighbours thought. 

Writing stuff - today's story is here

Hugs and good health to all. 

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