Friday 16 October 2020

Bits and Pieces

Today has been an odd sort of day. I came straight home after dropping bear off and did some sorting out, some washing and some writing. I wasn't very good at the writing as I was waiting for the surveyor to measure up for the new door. He did so, but thinks it will be a few months before we get them. Then Hermes came to pick up a parcel connect with something DH was doing. I was just getting some stuff together when BT knocked to ask me to move my car. There was nowhere to move it to! It was firmly wedged between DH's car and their truck. There was some manoeuvring involved. 

When I got home I dropped some of bear's old books off at bear's old school. They're putting them into quarantine for the weekend. Bear is keen to get his room how he likes it. I got stuck in that car park as well. 

And then I had some unexpected extra bits for Under the Bright Saharan Sun. Now I'm not sure what I'm doing at all. I remember making dinner and washing up, but that may be a false memory.

I'm a little worried. Today has been a day scattered over a lot of things - bear, house, dinner, driving, writing, and the timetable has been shifted and rearranged as things came up unexpectedly, I used to be able to deal with that sort of stuff without breaking step. Now it throws me off balance. 

In other news, I've seen some yarn I like. Did I mention that I'm seriously overstocked with yarn. It's just that it would be perfect for bear, and so inexpensive. I'm looking at the red white and black colourway here, which I would loathe but bear would love. I think I'll set myself a goal for knitting so that when I've cleared around half of the outstanding stuff, I can be tempted to the next purchase - and not until!!!

Writing stuff - October Frights is over, but I'm still posting a story, old or new, every day in October. Today's story is here

Hugs and good health to all. 


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