Tuesday 6 June 2023

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

This is a normal state for me, but I have no idea what I'm doing. 

We had a new chest of drawers delivered. It's 'new to us' secondhand from the Salvation Army and cost £45 plus £25 delivery. This is what it looked like in the store, as the current resting place is still surrounded by rubbish.

They had some truly beautiful furniture there, but I have no need of it, and nowhere to ut it.

I also had a Morrisons order. There were thirty items, and I think four of them weren't on special offer. I also had a £12 off a £70 shop voucher. I picked up quite a few treats for bear, and I like their frozen meatballs so I included those. I also picked up some tins of their red pepper soup, which I adore. 

The chest of drawers is in place. It's replacing two plastic towers and as it was mainly bear's stuff, he went through it quickly and got rid of most of it. Those towers are going downstairs to hold towels, as the current storage isn't fit, and I'm hoping to get rid of some then. I think that some Dog charities can use old towels. 

I also need to take back a shirt, if they'll let me. Bear has one, sole, single shirt that fits. This means that I will be washing it every day. It has a trace of stain on the shoulder which affects my pride and I went and got an extremely inexpensive shirt from Tesco (with a money off voucher) to tide him over the half dozen times he will need the white shirt. It's too big. It looks like he could camp in it. I hope that Tesco will take it back. I'm fairly certain that other shirts of the same brand and size that fit him are still in the house as I bought six of the dratted things before Christmas, but they are somewhere in his room and I haven't got the energy or heart to keep nagging at him. He's being pretty good, but he is a teenage lad.

Tomorrow he has two exams, so I won't have such a complicated run and I may have some nice knitting time as I wait. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. That is a very nice chest of drawers! I just recently picked up a bookcase from my neighbors who were putting it out by the curbside! A chest of drawers like that would have been equally nice, but, the bookcase was free! :D

    1. Free is definitely better, but I'm happy that my money has gone to a charity. I shall have to keep my eyes open...

  2. I love that chest of drawers. It looks like proper wood too. Am I right.

    1. It's wonderful solid wood, and I'm so pleased. I'm glad that we found it and replaced the plastic and I'm glad that the cost went to a charity.