Sunday 4 June 2023

It's Getting Complicated

I thought that with bear doing exams, my school run would be simpler. However tomorrow he only has an exam in the morning and will want picking up around 11am. But Monday is a shopping day. I always pick up the salad for DH on the way home, along with his fruit for the week. Plus I need to get in some cheese and I could do with picking up some easy drinks for bear. And while I could wait in the car, the chilled stuff would start to warm up! It can easily be as late as 10am by the time I get home if I've got any shopping to do, which is roughly when I'd start thinking about leaving if I was going to pick him up at 11am because the traffic can get a little strange. And if I'd realised earlier, I could have picked up the shopping at the last minute today, but all the shops are now shut and it will be a pain in the neck to work around if I don't pick up the shopping tomorrow. 

So I'm probably going to pack an insulated bag with an ice pack plus my knitting and hang around until he gets out of the test. It's English Language and I know that he's not as confident for that. I want to be clear that he's got time to hang out with his friends if he needs it, but I also know that he wants to get home for some more study. I can see the next couple of weeks being similar - I'm not going to know where I am or what I'm doing when. 

On the bright side, the honeysuckle is doing well.

I need to take some decent pics.

I'm all at sixes and sevens at the moment, and I'll feel a lot better when I've got a few writing projects out of the way and finish the shrug and the Lent sweater - especially as we are now well past Pentacost!

I also need to take bear out to get his clothes for the school prom. He wants to wear a black suit jacket, black suit trousers, a black shirt and a black tie. I said we could look at renting a suit from Moss Bros as he has already grown out of the suit jacket that he wore to his interview in February. To rent a jacket and trousers from Moss Bros is £119.99. To buy a jacket and trousers from Matalan, albeit a lot less well fitting, is £39 for the jacket and £21 for the trousers - £60 or half the rental. As it's a prom for sixteen year olds, I don't think that the fit of the suit is vital. We can leave it in the wardrobe until he grows out of it and then I can (hopefully) sell it. We can put the money from that towards the next suit he'll need for things like University interviews. 

I know that the clothes from Matalan aren't as good quality as Moss Bros, but he's going to wear it once in a dim light. Bear approves of the less expensive option.


  1. The honeysuckle is beautiful!
    I was going to suggest a cooler, if you have one, to keep the cold items cold while you wait for bear, but, your decision to take an insulated bag and ice pack would work just as well. :)

    1. I have a cooler that's powered from the car cigarette lighter (or whatever they're called now) but I'm worried about running the elderly battery down lol.