Friday, 2 June 2023

Failing at Remembering

I'm sorry but I forgot to post yesterday. I seemed to have my head in the clouds. 

I nipped out and did some knitting, so I guess that I'm an inch or two nearer the end of the shrug. I was parked opposite a lovely wild rose.

When I say, 'parked' I mean, 'more or less came to a stop'

Thank goodness I've got front wheel drive. It was even worse when I called into the Salvation Army charity shop. The car park was pretty full and I got completely stranded. I ended up parking (badly) head first in a bay and had to do a 73 point turn to get out of it. But I picked out a chest of drawers that should be delivered next Tuesday. This is a blessing as Tuesday is the only day that bear doesn't go in for his exams next week, so it means that I can guarantee to be home. He's in most of the week after as well. After that, apart from one exam, school is finished until September.

Today has been a little more productive. I've been working on some writing stuff, I've posted the first book review in ages, I've done a tiny bit of ironing, dragged the airer into the garden to hang the washing as I've been doing lots of washing today and I've even moved and emptied some of the planters that I'll be needing later. There is washing all over the kitchen and dining room as I'm trying to work out what is what. I'll be changing some stuff around as the current set up isn't working at all. I've also got some tiny sponges in glass Gu dessert jars on the windowsills with a few drops of bergamot essential oil, so it's feeling very uplifting.

Some small sponge shapes came in the post, along with a couple of spiral stitch holders and some yarn that I really, really shouldn't have bought. I haven't taken it out of the pack yet, but it's from Temu and is described as Light Camel Squirrel Cashmere Yarn. I haven't opened the packs, but it looks nice. It's probably not squirrel, and at the price I paid it's probably not cashmere either, but it felt lovely and squishy. I think it's a chunky type yarn and is absolutely going to be a blanket. 

And this is my best attempt at a bee on the toadflax near the kitchen door. You can just see her. The garden is getting better and the sun has really helped my mood.

I wonder how much I'll get done tomorrow. I'm going to start again with the studying on Monday, so tomorrow I'm going to try and clear the washing and ironing mountain (it's lovely drying weather), sort out the garden and write five thousand words. I'll let you know how I get on.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. You've been busy, getting a lot accomplished! Well done! That yarn looks lovely and a blanket knitted up with it would be nice and warm, I'm sure. Bees are hard to photograph, aren't they?

    1. I'm not brilliant at the best of times, but I fail at bees. I can't wait to start the new blanket (but I really ought to finish a project first lol)