Sunday, 12 June 2016

1500 Points

We get our groceries delivered by Tesco, and I am very grateful for the Clubcard points.  However DH calls into Morrisons supermarket on his way to work for snacks and lunches and he also gets his petrol from a Morrisons garage.  He has a More card.

I haven't really got to grips with the More card.  I haven't got to grips with the Tesco clubcard if truth be told, so I have low expectations of my grasp of the intricacies of Morrisons.  However DH has now got a coupon for 1500 points if he spends more than £20 in store.  1500 More Points are worth around £1.50.

I wish I had known this as some Morrisons do food processors and I could have killed two birds with one stone, but never mind.  The trick is to only use the coupon on something you already want or need and not spend more than £1.50 more than you would if you purchased the stuff elsewhere.  Once upon a time it would have been easy.  Morrisons did some very acceptable offers on Famous Grouse on a regular basis and father would always find alcohol acceptable.  It's surprising how easy it is to spend £20 when it's 14% alcohol or more.

I've had a quick rummage on their site, but I am uninspired by what I have seen.  I think that the 1500 will not be worth the running round.

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