Saturday, 4 June 2016

All Lathered Up

I watched Supershoppers.  I can't find the episode, but as far as I can remember, the facts are this...

It costs a lot more to use liquid hand soap.  A bar of soap can last 400 times longer than a bottle of liquid hand soap, does the same job (even the antibacterial ones) and is considerably cheaper.

I've not long bought fancy dispensers for hand soap.  Okay, they were extremely inexpensive liquid dispensers, but were a considerable cut above re-using the old plastic bottles of previous purchases.

I don't use the normal liquid soaps, I use bubble bath.  I can pick up a litre bottle of reasonably okay stuff for 85p.  The basics soap is 25p for a bar that will last a considerable time but I would have to find a place for it to fit on the tiny cloakroom handbasin that was all that would fit in our bathroom and then clean off the gunky sludge that bar soap can leave.

I also have a nine year old son.  Nine year old boys do dreadful things to handbasins as it is.  I know that one of my duties would now include scraping dirt off the soap.

I think I will continue to be extravagant and use the liquid soap for now.


  1. Bars of soap just don't seem that hygienic to me, definitely prefer pumpy soap.

  2. Sometimes frugality has to be weighed up seriously against time and energy and annoyance. Like you, our cloakroom sink is tiny and hasn't got room to keep a socking great lump of soap on the side, and I loathe with a passion the mess that soap can make on the sink, so I have a pump at every sink - and there are four of them in the house! It's hygienic, tidy and clean, and Sainsbury's sell them for about 79p each, and they each last several weeks, so I shall carry on - it does a lot for my sanity xxx

  3. I buy large bottles of liquid hand soap that are not name brand and refill my not expensive soap dispensers for a lot less. I understand if you have a "foam" hand soap dispenser it lasts longer and it is possible to make your own liquid hand soap for that. I have not tried this yet, as the large refills do the trick for me. I do add just a wee bit of water also. Not too much though - it will be too runny and squirt a bit wildly. heh. Ranee (MN)

  4. Continue to use what works for you. You can make up the few pence difference, if necessary, by cutting corners elsewhere. :)