Saturday, 18 June 2016

Calm Day

Bear has watched an instruction video on how to thread a sewing machine.  He thinks it will be tough, but it hasn't put him off.  It terrifies me!  I am totally stealing Witch Hazel's idea about bunting.  It can be in Liverpool FC colours or Doctor Who colours, or any feature in between.  I shall let him run with it.

Tonight we had a picnic tea, with scotch eggs and pasties for DH and bear, salad for me (which I very much enjoyed) and we watched the Ant Man film on dvd.  I love the Marvel Comic films.  I think they are well constructed, well paced and coherent.  They are also wonderfully spectacular and aren't too scary for me.  This is a consideration - I am pathetic when it comes to films.  

Apparently the next Marvel film is due out in November.  I wonder if I could get a babysitter for then.

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  1. I second the suggestion of bunting as a first sewing project for Bear!