Monday, 27 June 2016

Continuing Bear

Bear is off today but likely to be back in school tomorrow.  He has a stonking cough and is apparently without bones and ninety percent leg, but the doctor and I agree that he will be fine.

I have made a very limp start to clearing out the dining room and kitchen that need to be fit for a workman by Friday.  I am not optimistic.  I suspect there will be heaps of rubbish under throws in corners on Friday morning.

I have just thought of an awesome set of short stories for the series of the Forgotten Village.  That series that I thought I had run out of ideas for.

Tonight there are issues - England playing Iceland or the Great British Sewing Bee - decisions, decisions!

I think I have whatever bear has had.  I'm feeling very lightheaded.  I hope this post makes sense.  Or at least is properly punctuated.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Bear has a cough and you are not feeling too well, either. Hope both of you feel better, soon. (((HUGS)))