Wednesday, 22 June 2016

And Continuing

Actually, I'm doing okay in myself today, though I thought I heard a rat in the next room!  There was a squeak and a noise - it was the landlord of next door doing something.  I have a new laptop but it is having a few issues.  I got it through the Tesco outlet store on eBay which seems very easy to deal with.  The last few bits I've done with Tesco they have given excellent service and so I got one refurbished (new but with damaged box) laptop at around £100 off.  It is having a few moments as I get things moving, but it is wonderful that I can not only go on the internet but I can also type!

Bear had a bad night.  He couldn't sleep.  He was a tired, hollow eyed child this morning but even though I actually offered to keep him home he insisted on going in as it was a sports day.  Tomorrow may be a different battle!

Thank you for the good wishes.  I am very grateful.

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