Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Shopping Happens

I was putting together my Tesco order and realised that they had an event on.  If you bought four or more of one of the qualifying products, you got 25% off.  The qualifying products were over a thousand cleaning products.  I was interested to see that some of the Everyday Value range was included as the really cheap stuff is usually not included in this sort of thing.

Big boxes of Ariel were included in this, though I'm holding out for them going to half price.  I seem to remember that Tesco had a similar offer this time last year, so I shall be using my Bullet Journal to track the sales.  I did my usual trick of bunging on anything that caught my eye on to the online shop and then taking off what I didn't actually need.  Thanks to the 30 day cleaning thingy I had an idea of what I already had, which was lots.  I still got carried away - it was up to £150 at one point - but I've whittled it down to around £60.  One thing I stocked up on was the little sponges.  I do like them but I wear them out quickly and while a pack of 8 of the Everyday Value ones is only 40p, I still save tenpence a time.  I got two packs.  I also stocked up on the only bin liners that fit my kitchen bin.

So if anyone is interested in stocking up on cleaning products then the Tesco offer of 25% off qualifying cleaning products runs until 28th June.  I am considering my storage space.

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  1. Stocking up, when there is a sale, on things you'd normally use is the best way to shop!