Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Trying to Type

My dratted computer is having a time of it.  There are two big black holes in the screen so when I write anything it is a challenge for me to proof read it and check where I am. 

Worse is the habit of my cursor of jumping around and landing on unexpected things.  I touch type, so I will be happily rattling on at 70 wpm when I realise that the dratted cursor has happened.  It wavers all over the page and if it is there too long or if I press something like ‘return’ or use an accidental short cut I find that I have given my machine unintended instructions, and they took effect four sentences ago.  I was half way into signing into Tesco to update a grocery order when it did one of these ‘bounce and random click’ attacks and I couldn’t get it to accept the password as it was busy translating the page.  I wish I was making it up.  As I don’t know how I got there, I couldn’t stop the translation and I had to close the screen and open it again. 

Tomorrow I hope to be picking up a new jacket for bear from Argos (click and collect from my friend eBay).  On Monday he insisted he was wearing a particular jacket.  I told him it was too small for him.  He insisted that it wasn’t , but the cuffs were crawling up towards the elbows.  I am not too grumpy at that, as small boys grow bigger, but I am not happy at the request for £41 for books.  Apparently Dan Freeman is paying a visit to the school and children will be able to purchase signed copies of stories about football.  Bear is currently football mad so of course he is keen.  I am wincing at £41 for seven books.  I get that it costs to print etc and I know how much labour goes in to writing one, but I always look for bargains.  I don’t think bear has much more than four or five books that I have paid full price for.  He may have two bookcases that are seriously full, but I shopped around.  I am a big fan of second hand books, as after all, the words are in the same order.  If I had paid full price for bear’s books I would have paid thousands.  I suppose bear is getting to the age where he is more likely to want particular books and it is more likely to be full price.  It is worth it as he explores the reading world.  

This has been typed into word and cut and pasted.  It may look less elegant but at least it hasn’t taken forever for me to type.  

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  1. Sounds like it might be time for a new computer?

    New books are so expensive, aren't they? My daughter used to bring home book catalogs from school on a monthly basis and there were always so many books she wanted! I know I paid thousands, over the years!