Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bear is triumphantly awesome

Every year the school run an equivalent of the Olympics.  The school is split into teams and each team is given a country name.  This year bear was in the China team.  And the team got bronze!!!!  It's the first medal bear has got, and he is very proud of it, and I am proud of him.

The best bit for me is knowing that bear will have given 100% of himself and will have fought so hard to win.  One of his pals from further down the street was scuffing down the road and grumbling that medals were stupid (no medal).  Bear has gone through lack of medals for years and I am so proud that he has never taken that attitude.

I am very lucky with bear.

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  1. Give him a high five (or a hug, if he will tolerate a hug) from me! He has a wonderful attitude about things. I'd say at least a part of it is due to the parenting he's receiving. :)