Friday, 17 June 2016

Fragrance Fail

I was having a very minor attack of trying to get things clearer having a rummage in a box that hadn't been opened for years.  There was an unopened bottle of perfume inside, well, eau de toilette. It was Avon and called Bond Girl.  I just checked, they don't even do it any more, which is a shame as I quite liked it at the time.  The image I found said it was introduced @ 2008.

I thought, well, it has been sealed.  How bad could it be?

The answer has been clearing my sinuses for the last few hours.  To be fair, it isn't that bad.  It's just different and incredibly strong.  It is also unfortunately very robust and I think an extra extreme shower will now be required.

I normally like to respect copyright and share links.  As this is an image advertising a product no longer sold, it's not so straight forward.  The image was taken from and the original product was by Avon and their UK site is here.  I hope that helps.

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