Saturday 19 September 2015

A Day Out

We went on a canal trip with bear at Skipton today.  I really recommend it to anyone visiting Skipton, and I also recommend Bizzy Lizzie's in Skipton for awesome gluten free fish n chips.

I avoided some inexpensive yarn, bear indulged in two books and then the men went to the car while I did some supermarket shopping.  It was a fail.  I spent more than normal, got very flustered, missed things I should have remembered and added too many impulse buys.  The broccoli frittata I tried tonight was an epic fail as well.

However Doctor Who was incredibly exciting, bear has a new maths book and a late night and things could be a lot worse.  I have a stonking sore throat, so I am prescribing myself some alcohol.

I think the best thing I did today was to avoid The Fent Shop in Skipton.  It's a shop which sells off cuts and ends of expensive fabric for inexpensive prices.  I swerved away.  I may have bought a candle and I'm not sure why I thought I needed another ladle, but at least I didn't come home with 4000g of yarn and twenty yards of fabric bought at very reasonable prices.

Of course, it's only a short(ish) ride on the bus and there is a reasonable chance that I can go from Leeds to Skipton and back in school hours, right...

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