Wednesday 23 September 2015

Talking to my Friend

At a time when all is falling around me, I turn to eBay.  So far today I have managed to resist all sorts.  Did you know, at time of typing there is a roll of curtain lining, 81 metres long and 54 inches wide at a starting price of £4.99 plus £12.99 p&p.  You have to admit that it would  be a bargain.

I don't need 81 metres of curtain lining.

I am considering the possibilities of a door curtain.  I want something different, something striking, something amazing - and that keeps the considerable draughts out at the same time.  I have no idea.  I am considering the possibility of using one of those duvet covers that have a design that starts at the bottom and works up, I found this on the George website

I could just put an inexpensive white fleece blanket inside, trimmed if necessary, put some heading tape on or even attach bulldog clips.  It would look 'quirky'.  I don't think I'll go down that route (though I am considering my options for curtains in my room).  I could do a quilt or patchwork door curtain, though I am not sure I am good enough at measuring and cutting.  I could use a rug or a throw - or I could be courageous and just buy a darned curtain.  I could even use the one we used last year, but I'm not sure.

I've had more bad news today.  It doesn't effect me directly, but it is going to be another hard few weeks and bear will find it sad.  So I am focusing on door curtains.

I've seen an idea where you use the mesh of a rug gripper and sort of tie strips of raggedy fabric to it in a sort of hitch and you get a rug and I could do one of those for the door.  Maybe not.

I definitely do not need 81 metres of curtain lining.

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