Monday 28 September 2015

Along Came A Spider

This morning was a perfect one for spotting spiders' webs with dew on them.  I had a bit of a fail taking pics because a phone with a camera is not the sort of kit that is needed to catch their fragility.  I got this, though.

And this

And when I went to pick up the swimming kit for bear that I forgot (I was talking about Kenny Dalglish and got distracted) I saw this...

... and left my keys in the door.  It's definitely Autumn.

Bless - so sorry to hear of your diagnosis.  I hope you have plenty of support, it's so hard!  As for eBay, well, it isn't always a good friend.  I wouldn't recommend a close friendship, it hasn't always worked for me lol!  It's lovely to see you and take care.

1 comment:

  1. You did very well with your phone camera! Spider webs are amazing. I do have family and friends who are very supportive, thank you. I haven't even made an acquaintance with eBay, but maybe I'll introduce myself, one of these days.