Thursday 24 September 2015

Consider the Lilies of the Field

I've just been mugged by Interflora.  Another death in the family, another lot of flowers.  I can't get to the places that the flowers need to be (no buses) and DH just can't lever in the time (an awkward distance).  It's a distant birthday as well, but we don't have to send flowers for that.

Yesterday I took a few stalks of what is left of the lavender for the little sister of bear's best friend.  It's far past it's best and the bees are hardly bothering, but I found a few bits and put a purple loom band around them.  The little girl had been awestruck at the lavender, scared of the bees and thought it smelled lovely.  I know those who are getting the Interflora will appreciate the thought and the flowers, but darn it, that little girl loved that lavender.  It was the best thing in the world!

I've watched the florist at the end of the street take endless time and trouble selecting the best she can and use the most amazing flowers.  It really is an art form, soaring above a few sprigs and a loom band.  Unfortunately she is seriously ill and I am wondering about sending flowers to a florist.  They wouldn't be as good as hers.

Here is a picture of a lily from Wiki Commons.

I didn't send lilies, as there are hayfever issues.  I sent white flowers.  They looked pretty.  I don't know the language of flowers but these flowers said, 'we are worried about you, we care about you, you are not forgotten'.  I hope it helps.

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