Thursday 10 September 2015

Dinner Fail

Everyone in this house has a iffy tummy.  I actually don't suspect a tummy bug.  I suspect things like me having alcohol for the first time in nearly a year, DH having massive tooth problems (on mend, thank goodness, as I don't like seeing him suffer) and bear is stressed.  It was probably not the best time to try a different style of casserole.

Bear has objected to veggies being cooked to mush with a casserole, which is fair enough.  DH would prefer a thicker casserole.  So I got out the slow cooker and planned to cook veggies separate.  I floured the inexpensive cubed beef with a generous quantity of flour and fried it with some onions before putting it in the slow cooker with a minimal amount of gluten free stock, some buckwheat (barley substitute) and quinoa.  I think I should have put less grain in.

Bear and DH couldn't face food anyway.  I checked on the casserole and decided to pass.  I may need a chisel to get it out.  It is solid.  It is seriously stuck.  I am going to have to soak the slow cooker bowl in soap powder.

Now that the dishwasher is no more I am going to pick up some really, really, really inexpensive biological washing powder as it is the best thing to get the stains out of pans (except with aluminium).

Tonight we are having cheese soup (without the cheeese).  I'm looking forward to that.

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