Monday 21 September 2015

Words to Live By

1. I should not go on eBay when I am feeling low

2. Please let me be outbid, please let me be outbid, please let me be outbid...

I'm considering upgrading the sore throat to a virus.  I feel incredibly washed out and fed up.  I must, must, must stay away from eBay.

It could be worse.  If it was sunny I would feel that I needed to work in the garden regardless.

Also there is a Doctor Who part work started.  The linky is here.

£6.99 per fortnight!!!!!  80 parts!!!!!!  There will inevitably be plastic tat.  But it is supposed to be the complete history of Doctor Who.  And I suspect the men in the house will both love it.  I will ask DH's opinion.


  1. So sorry you are feeling ill; hope you'll recover and feel better, soon.

  2. It might be a complete history...but one could buy an excellent array of Doctor Who books and merchandise for £559.20

  3. Hope you feel better soon Sybil xx