Thursday 3 September 2015

I Found my Lemon

I was looking all over for the lemon that was supposed to be with the delivery yesterday, but only found it today, in a really obvious place, too late to be inserted into the chicken I cooked yesterday.

Bear ate an entire head of celery.

I finished the place mats.  They looked like this

That's eight of them, folded into quarters.  I have just bunged them in the washing machine, a nice 40 degree wash.  The place mats have four layers.  There is the back, which is an old curtain, the centre, which is two layers of elderly sheets with felt tip pen on, and the front.  The front is new material.  It was described as 100% cotton twill.  I didn't pre-wash it, and I'm not sure how often the curtain was washed either.  Darn.  I'll post whatever comes out, good or bad.

On the bright side, I did find my lemon.

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