Tuesday 22 September 2015

Doing Okay

I'm feeling a bit better.

Bear utterly rejected changing out of his school trousers and into jeans after school.  He was definitely against it.  However after the sort of summit negotiations that would daunt Kissinger, I managed to get him at least out of his trousers and into something less expensive.

Almost immediately afterwards he had to come in as he was soaked, completely soaked after first saving a goal with his face and then sliding a tackle through one of the puddles here.

As I wasn't letting him get back into his school trousers I told him I didn't have a spare skirt so he would have to change into his pyjamas.  He was unimpressed, but so was I as all his clothing landed with a splat in the porch.

Last night I tried a medicinal glass of Benedictine.  Yeurk!!!!  I am not sure whether I should tip it down the sink or palm it off on someone, one bottle of Benedictine, gently used. I may go back to rum.

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