Saturday 12 September 2015

Bear is Content

I feel like I have been an acceptable mother today.  First of all I sort of drifted into CEX in Harrogate today (long story), and bear got an inexpensive computer game that is supposed to be a simulated chemistry lab.  Bear is very happy with that.

Then bear told me he loved me several times.  Then he explained very gently that while he loved me lots, he quite liked the idea of some 'alone' time.  I think that is quite reassuring.  Bear was happy chilling without his mother hanging around.  He's growing up.

Finally I made a successful dinner.  Actually I prepped the curried parsnip soup but DH made it while I got the pear and ginger crumble in the oven.  The men were happy.  Bear asked when we could have the curried parsnip soup again.  And it's almost healthy!

Today has been a win.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you are all over the iffy tummies and feeling better. I am whizzing in and reading and not always having much time to say anything. Pear and ginger crumble is always a winner! Hugs xx