Sunday 20 September 2015

Could be worse

Feeling achy, sore throat, fed up and grumpy.  However the house didn't burn down in the night.  At 5.15am I was genuinely worried.  I heard an alarm go off and I think it might have been from the house at the back, just a few beeps.  Bear heard it as well, but he went back to sleep.  I couldn't for worrying.  The last time I heard beeps like that was just before the great flood that exposed the cannabis farm.  I'll mention it to the landlord of that property tomorrow.

Bear kicked the ball into Matalan again and I went round to ask for it and made him apologise.

I think I will curl up with a few episodes of Extreme Couponing and my latest knitting target.  I'm sure I'll feel better for that.

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