Sunday 27 September 2015

Season of Mists

It's definitely Autumn.  It was very misty this morning and the heating was on.  It's not coming on in the evening, but last night I was glad we had the gas fire on and I snuggled down into the blankets.

I spotted an almost red tomato this morning.  I'll get what I can off the plants that may possibly ripen on a window ledge and junk the rest.  If I had taken better care of the tomatoes I would have had better results, but I have a suspicion that it wouldn't have been that good anyway.  I now need to dig the borders over and finally get in the pansies.  Actually, there's quite a lot that needs doing in the garden.

To be fair, DH did tell me not to touch the old fence panel and was planning to do it today, but I got all assertive with it.  It's amazing how tough elderly, thin, inexpensive fence panels can be.  Bear has also had an illicit go when I wasn't looking.

I'm feeling a lot better now I'm finally getting over the virus.  Tomorrow I can get back to all the plans I have made.  Today I've started to catch up with the washing, which is good.  Tomorrow I am making a list.  Altering the curtains has to be high on the list because they currently block the radiators and I cannot see the benefit of trapping heat against the window.  Another item near the top is to get my Lakeland heated airer set up and ready to go.  Over the last few months I have got used to using the tumble dryer.  I now finally feel I have enough in me to use the airers properly.  I have had problems drying outside because of a smell that attached to the clothes, but as next door is getting renovated I may be able to get past that.

Bear got a new football when he went out with his uncle.  As he wailed, he had had it less than twelve hours when it landed on a nail and popped.  I am considering buying footballs in bulk.

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  1. You certainly did a lot of work, taking down the fence! Glad you are feeling better. So sorry your son's new football popped!

    I've been a bit behind with my blog reading, due to a recent cancer diagnosis that knocked the wind out of me. But I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your life. I hope it is OK to admit that I've never bought anything from Ebay?